Everyone is outraged…outraged, I tell you! And with good reason, but the disingenousness of the GOP isn’t really being talked about much.  I know that is is comfortable to forget, but let’s snap out of this amnesia and see where this is all headed. Nobody has enabled this sort of crap more than the GOP, though the Dems are acting ridiculous as well.

If we take a step back, we can see that there is something so fundamentally flawed in the system. I remember a few years ago I saw Art Spiegelman speak here in Denver, and he put it this way: “We have two parties in this country — a right wing and a far-right wing.” Both are beholden to their corporate masters, and a look at who donates to who and when is interesting reading.

But then we need to look at why the political system demands all of this cash. Another day for that…. But a few words from Jim Manzi of the National Review seem worth thinking about, and that’s saying something since the NR’s world view is not one that I tend to share:

Commentators on both the Left and Right seem to think that if only we could get the right person to take over these companies and clean up the financial mess, everything would be OK. All it takes is somebody competent and honest, because the answers are so obvious. A rotating series of scapegoats has been created. Paulson? Fool. Geithner? Moron. Liddy? Stooge. It’s funny how their idiocy didn’t seem to surface so much in their prior careers.