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A pretty brilliant analysis of a very funny episode.


One of my Facebook Friends put up a frothing post about how Obama is the worst President EVER!!!  Apparently, Bush and his enablers had absolutely nothing to do with the shit sandwich we are all currently eating. None.  It’s Obama’s fault.  The shooter at the Holocaust Museum? Obama.  Letterman’s jokes about Sarah Palin and her daughter?  Yep, Obama.  Seriously.  My car radio isn’t displaying the channels, and I’m pretty sure there’s a short, but now…I wonder.  Obama?

This chart might help put some things in perspective a bit.  Look at it and ask yourself if who owns this mess.


A little bit of both. More proof of the decline in American education seen here in the latest bit of shocking wrongness by Glenn Beck, whose popularity and influence is nothing short of astonishing. Here is is, blaming Obama for the neo-Nazi (actually at 89 years old, maybe not so neo) shooter at the Holocaust museum and trying to make the case that the Nazis were a left wing group.  Hopefully, your stomach is empty…

I had a student last term who got angry at me for pointing out that the Fascists and the Communists were enemies. You could see the smoke coming out of her ears that this wasn’t computing. She also wrote a paper trying to argue that entrepreneurs were being treated on the same level as slaves. This was also someone who smirked “Reminds me of Obama” when we were watching Triumph of the Will in class.  This whole conservative attempt to re-write history is ballsy, and I’m afraid it could do some real damage.

For those of us who have been teaching over the past ten years, Nicholas Carr’s essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” will come as no surprise, but this is still a spot-on article.  His confession about his changing reading habits hit a little too close to home.

Hat tip to one of my students who came to understand the power of satire after reading Candide.  This is Colbert at his best, shredding the maudlin instability that is Glenn Beck.

I have to apologize to myself for the post below. I think we have a new winner.

Saw this post from Sullivan minutes after teaching Virgil in my last class this afternoon. Friggin genius!  But still, nothing tops this piece from The Onion about the Winesburg, Ohio Wal-Mart.

Seriously, why would anyone listen to these ass-clowns?  Oh, wait…20 million people listen to Rush. Sorry, my bad.

The Chronicle of Higher Ed has a sad but interesting story on the high-tech cheating industry, specifically, the websites that write papers for your students.  Accompanying video explaining how the essay mills work is here. As the author of the article Thomas Bartlett notes, the web made this industry inevitable, but what is fascinating are the quotes from students rationalizing their dishonesty.  My favorite, given without a trace of irony:

Mickey Tomar paid Essay Writers $100 to research and write a paper on the parables of Jesus Christ for his New Testament class. Mr. Tomar, a senior at James Madison University majoring in philosophy and religion, defends the idea of paying someone else to do your academic work, comparing it to companies that outsource labor. “Like most people in college, you don’t have time to do research on some of these things,” he says. “I was hoping to find a guy to do some good quality writing.”